Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

cute little boys

too cute!! I was getting Eli dressed this morning and saw the hat and decided why not. We got the other boys involved as well, but then Joe tried to get everyone to look by saying "Deer" and they all jumped up and went to the window!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

a walk

everyone says that you are outnumbered when you go from 2 to 3 kids, as there are only 2 of you. however, when you decide to take all 3 out on a walk you are really outnumbered. it was almost 60 degrees today, so I got the boys all in lightweight coats and decided to take a walk up the driveway. I knew there were puddles the boys could jump in and throw rocks in. As we were leaving the garage Luke found a lawnmower and started pushing it, of course Graham wanted it so we did half and half ,with Graham having the first half of the driveway. When it got time to switch, Graham decided to throw a fit and threw himself down. Of course, it is wet on the driveway. So I get him on his feet, but he won't walk, so i leave him and keep walking, but turn around and he really hasn't gone anywhere. So once again I try to get him to walk and take his hand, and have to half drag him, as he is still unhappy he doesn't have the lawnmower. So I end up picking him up and carrying him. Half way down the driveway again, he wants to walk, so I let him walk and he again pouts and won't move. So I carry him the rest of the way to the road. There everyone is happy and we walk around the circle. On the way back, Graham has discovered the puddles and wants to throw stones in them. Every 5 steps he has to stop and throw like 4 stones in each puddle. Eli, who is strapped to my back, starts to get fussy, so I am trying to get the boys to hurry up no the way back, since it took us 30 mins to go down. Well with stopping every 5 steps it took a long time. About half down, Luke went ahead with he lawnmower. Not a big deal, he won't run away, and I can see him as i keep trying to get Graham to walk faster and quit throwing rocks. Well then I realize, Luke is going to go inside. The problem is that he has stepped in every puddle and mud he could find on the way down the driveway. So I am trying to drag Graham/run to get Luke to stop as he either can't hear me yelling or is choosing not to. But it was too late, he made it into the house. Luckily he stopped right inside and didn't leave muddy footprints all over the house. He got his boots off and just had his wet socks everywhere. So the moral of the story, is to have everyone walk at the same speed, or to not allow children into the house by themselves. Not walking in mud puddles isn't an option!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Well we decided to build some shelves downstairs in the basement to try to unclutter our basement. So I watched a video online about building shelves and took the plans and modified it for our area.

I went to Lowes a few weeks ago and purchased the wood with joe's truck. One thing I didn't think about was that the truck bed is 8 feet with the tailgate down, not up. So I had to learn how to tie down the plywood and the 2 x 4's real quick. I figured it out and we didn't have any accidents along the way!!

So I constructed the boards and then I had asked the guy at lowes how to attach it to the concrete block. He showed me a pack of concrete anchors that also had a drill bit in it for concrete. Great I thought. So I get started on the project and the first few holes were ok, but after that I went through the power battery 3 times and wasn't getting anywhere. Joe even tried, and wasn't successful. So after getting frustrated with wanting the project done, I drove back to Lowes after we had researched 2 different items. A Hammer Drill, an electric, drill that somehow can drill through concrete like a real drill can't. Plus a Power Accuated Tool, Caliber Shingle Shot, to be exact, that would also drive nails into concrete. We were planning on the cheaper power accuated tool that you hit with a hammer to get the nails into it. However, the nice guy at Lowes talked me into the Hammer Drill, and the reason being the Power Accuated tool only drives nails, and with the weight of the stuff on the shelves a screw would be better. Therefore, we are now the proud owners of a Hammer Drill!!!! The best news is that I thought we would use it for this project and never again, however as the shelves are already full, I am thinking more shelves will have to be built on the other side, and the drill can be used again!!! Yipee.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Eli is 7/1/2 months old already. He is cute and cuddly as well. He is starting to lose his baby look and is starting to turn into a little boy. Both Joe and I have mentioned that he needs his haircut soon. I didn't cut Graham's hair until he was like 10 months and looking back, I am not sure what I was thinking. Well Eli got some warm, fleece outfits for christmas and I love them. This one is especially cute. He has little ears, which I think are adorable. Joe isn't too fond of it, but that is ok.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well I made my first quilt about a year a half ago, maybe a little longer. It was right before we moved, I made it to fit our new King size bed. Since that time I have made 3 baby quilts for various folks and decided I needed to make another quilt for our bed. The first one I put in double the batting, so it is really warm, and well in the summer I slept without it most of the time. So I wanted to make a thinner one for the summer time, and also have a spare. So I came up with this design and it took about 6 months to finish. I guess having a baby in there, probably slowed me down. But I finally finished it and made some pillowcases to go with it with the leftover material. I am pretty happy with it and we will see how the first night goes!