Thursday, August 8, 2013

Karate kids

About 4 weeks ago we signed Luke and Graham up for a free karate class. They both really enjoyed it so we have continued with the lessons. Parents are not allowed to stay and watch, but we do get to see the last 5 minutes as we pick them up. They have enjoyed the class but often say they can't share their karate moves as they don't want Daddy to learn them! They want to be able to beat him up! It has been wonderful to see their little faces light up as they were first awarded their first stripe. Then their second and a star for respect. Today they got their final strip and the officially head bands for their graduation to orange belts! Thursday of next week they will be yellow belts. It has been great to see them learning and to be happy and proud of what they are doing! I know nothing about taekwondo, but I guess we can allergen together! I have toward how to sew on Velcro patches for their uniforms!

Proud of my boys!