Monday, January 23, 2012

Just the 2 of Us

So for the first time in 5 years, we went away. The last time the 2 of us were away without any children who were born, was back in 2006. We went to SPI (South Padre Island) to celebrate our anniversary. Luke however went along for the ride, literally. We enjoyed a day and night of walking along the surf, watching dolphins, going to a seafood restaurant (and not ordering seafood) and relaxing. Since Luke was born, we have not been away together without children. We have been away separately, but not together. So we got a babysitter for a night, and away we went to the faraway land of Pittsburgh, PA. We went shopping, and out to eat, and relaxed at the hotel. We even slept into 830!!! It was great. We also had a little one along for the ride this time as well, but they behaved and didn't cause any problems. So we have agreed we will have to do it again sooner than 5 year from now. The boys did great and didn't cause any problems. This is great, but why when the babysitter stays the night, do they sleep all the way through, and when Mom and Dad are home, do they wake up and want to play for 2 hrs?????

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What Not to Do

Do not let a 18 month old throw water on your computer. The computer seems to not respond well to it's "bath" and malfunctions and won't turn on again. When you ask the 18 month old if he has money for a new computer, he shakes his head "no" like he knows exactly what you are talking about, and that yes, he doesn't have enough money as no one has been putting anything in his piggy bank except coins, as his brothers always steal the "paper" stuff.


About 6 months ago I wrote about a squirrel that caused the dogs to go crazy and Shadow to destroy the blinds. Well we have used a makeshift blind for that time and finally put up a real replacement. Shadow had broken the track, or it was bent so we needed a new unit all together. I am happy with it and hope it survives any further squirrel encounters!!!!


Yesterday admist running around Graham connected with the corner of counter. At first I thought it was the typical hit, but I soon realized we had blood and after closer inspection a small hole! Luckily is was about the size of a pencil eraser or we would have been heading for stitches if much longer. Instead we shaved his head and I took him to the office for stereostrips. He was thrilled with getting 3 stickers!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Chuck E Cheese

Luke's preschool friend turned 5 this past week and invited his class to Chuck E Cheese. Luke was very excited, he has never been to a kid birthday party, but was excited about the cake and presents. After explaining only the birthday boy would get presents, he seemed ready to go. Joe took Luke and enjoyed playing as well. I brought Graham and Eli down for the last 30 minutes and let them do some rides and games, and then we went shopping for new sneakers for the boys. "Cars" theme sneakers were in so they both have new light up CARS sneakers.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lightsaber Battle

Lightsaber's were a gift from Aunt Cindy this Christmas. We have had many battles in the house. Sometimes the good guy wins, and sometimes the bad guy wins. These are cool because they glow in the dark, so they can battle with the lights out and still see each other. Luckily, they are half pretending and not swinging too hard. They are not used to hit people, only other lightsabers. So far no injuries and no breakage!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Laundry room

I have been struggling with what to do with wet clothes for the 2 yrs we have been in the house. But with 3 boys and 2 adults some days it is worse than others. The boys are back in swimming lessons so I needed a plan. A simple drying rack takes up the whole laundry room and you can't open the door. So I saw a retractable clothesline and decided to try it. So far it is holding the swim clothes and towels!! We will see how it fares against winter snow pants and coats!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


We have had a fairly mild January. We did come back to snow after our return from Kansas last Tuesday, but that went away quickly. Today the thermometer said 49 degrees, so I got the boys dressed and out we went to explore. Boots were a must as were mittens as it was a little chilly, we ended up finding a stream and playing in it, warning them if they fell or touched the water their hands would be cold. We went under large trees, and over small trees and rocks, and eventually 2 out of 3 tripped and ended up with some parts in the water and were cold. So we headed back in, but it was a good adventure. Everyone had fun going "side" as Eli calls it.

Since we got back from Kansas on Tuesday, we were just starting to get back into the swing of things when disaster struck. I started with nausea on Thursday, but thought it was just pregnancy nausea (yes for those of you who are not connected to Joe on Facebook, we are 12 weeks pregnant and due the end of July), but by the evening I knew I was in trouble and kept telling Joe I wanted to puke. He didn't think much of it and went to bed, as did I, until I woke up at 1 am with vomiting, followed by the other end, and it lasted for 24 hrs exactly. Thinking maybe it was food poisoning as no one else had any problems, but that all changed Saturday evening as Eli started to get fussy. Joe went up and gave him his pacey and rocked him to sleep, he was out shortly there after, and about 15-20 mins later he is screaming again. Joe says just let him cry it out. I look in the video monitor (a must really) and see this puddle in his bed which I don't remember before. I run upstairs and he had puked (red from strawberries) and it was in his hair, ear, hands, everywhere. No wonder he was screaming. So Joe and I tag teamed the clean up with a bath and laundry duty. But Eli went right back to sleep and had no problems. He was a little fussy Sunday am, so I decided to not go to church in case the others came down with it. Good thing as in the early afternoon, Luke started and ended up vomiting twice. Then he was done. Monday saw everyone laying low, watching movies, not too active, but by evening everyone seemed back to their old self. Thinking we are out of the woods as 3/5 had it and we should be done. Joe wakes me up from a dead sleep last night around 1130 saying he has been vomiting. I reassure him, "I only vomited once, so you are probably done" and we both lay back down. Within about 30 minutes he is up again in the bathroom, where he stayed most of the night. He ended up losing 8 lbs in 24 hrs, luckily everything stopped about 7 am. He stayed quaranteed in the bedroom for the morning, ran to court real quick, and back to the bedroom. The house was lysoled again at 6 am today and hoping the last child, Graham, doesn't get it, so far his immunity is great. So we are looking forward to a healthy weekend and being done with the GI bug. If anyone is interested we are willing to share it for a low cost!!!!!!!!!!!