Friday, June 28, 2013

The beach

We traveled to Ocean City, NJ for the past week. We enjoyed going with family- aunt Erin, aunt Cindy, aunt Ann and uncle Dave, along with cousins Andrew, Dan, and James.

It was the first time at the beach for all of the kids, and the first Atlantic Ocean experience for Joe. We enjoyed days at the beach with sandcastles, burying people, attempting boogie boarding, jumping waves, and finding crabs!

We often went back after a nap for more fun. We enjoyed the playground close by as well. We also went on a pirate cruise to find pirate treasure and defeat stinky Pete! We enjoyed a night of Manco & Manco pizza followed by Kohr bros custard! So much that we went back for a second night!

The boys were ready to come home and Eli kept asking to go home to "fennsylvania". Luke and graham bought hermit crabs and Eli got a Brobie backpack.

While holding the hermit crab graham started to scream. The hermit crab had pinched his finger and wouldn't let go. Luckily we had read the instructions and put his finger under warm water and the crab let go!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Potty training #3

Eli for probably the last month has sometimes been telling us when he has to go #2 and we would sit on the potty and sometimes be successful but it was more often than not, he had already gone in his diaper and we missed it. He would tell us when he was wet, but never to go potty.

After getting thru some busy weeks I thought this weekend was pretty quiet And I would have time to potty train him. So on Wednesday I started in the morning with underwear. He had one accident and the. Went once before I had to leave for work. He had 2 more accidents that day, but since that time he has been dry-day and night. Telling us he has to go potty even when outside or at church!

So this has been my easiest potty training to date and I did nothing! We have been rewarding him with m&m's when he goes but will go to the store for his potty training toy on Tuesday. He is also very excited to get to go fishing with Daddy on the boat!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sleeping quarters

I was getting ready for bed and heard snoring. I looked behind me and saw not one but two animals sleeping in the linen closet! At least they like each other!