Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Graham and friends

Graham's animals Luke's animals

Graham likes to sleep a lot. Today he found a home in his bouncey seat and got surrounded by his world traveling friends, 7-pin and velcro. These guys travel to PNG to see Aunt E and then she sends them back. They recently returned from PNG with presents for luke and graham, a wooden dolphin and sea horse for their wooden animal collections. Luke decided he was going to have the dolphin and gave the sea horse to graham.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nash Family Photo

We went and got a family photo taken and thought you might want to see it!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Graham is enjoying the time on his stomach and has started rolling from his stomach to his back. I took these shots this am during

an early morning feed!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Machine malfunctions

Well Joe and I have decided to hire a baby sitter at least one night a week to allow us to do some outside yard work before the weather turns very cold. We have many projects that need done but often with 2 boys only one of us is working or none of us is working. So last night our babysiter came over for the second time. Joe ended up having to work, but I figured that is alright I can weedeat the fence (630 ft of fence on both sides is a lot). So I tried to start the weedeater, but ended up flooding it. No problem I will take the tractor and get a load of dirt to spread where we have been removing the rocks for the grass. So I go down the driveway and decide our weeds along the driveway are too tall and I should do a swipe with the mower, so I try to engage the mower and boom, the belt pops off. No problem this has happened before but I am not sure how to fix it so I go and get my dirt. I come back and park the tractor and decide to do another try with the weedeater. I end up parking the tractor o our slight hill in the backyard. I thought I had engaged the parking brake, but as I start to walk away, the tractor starts slowly rolling down the hill towards the fence. I run to the tractor, as the dogs are barking at it, and try to grab the handle to stop it (no luck) so I jump up on it and slam on the brake and stop about 7 ft from the fence (disaster avoided) so i go and get the weedeater started, yipee, and start to weedeat, I get half way around when it runs out of string and I tried for 15-20 mins to get the string thing off to put more string on, but i was unsuccessful. So I gave up and decided to go back for more dirt, as I got down to the pile Joe was pulling in and I gave up for the night. So it was an unsuccessful night for the yard work, but we feel it will get better!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Graham turned 4 months old last week. He went to the doctor's today and weighed in at 16 lb which is the 75th percentile. His brother was 16 lbs at 6 months, so he is 2 months ahead. He started rolling over both from back to stomach and stomach to back. He loves to watch people and laughs and smiles a lot!!

Very Funny.