Friday, April 25, 2008

Today in PNG

We are having a good time here with Erin in Papua New Guinea. Today we got up and said goodbye to a surgeon and a nurse who were here for about 9 weeks the Kerrigans. We had just gotten to know them and it was sad to see them go. We then watched Luke splash in mud puddles until he took a dive and we decided to come back and have a bath.

Today is the day for the big softball game-however it rained a lot last night and some already this morning so we aren't sure what the field conditions will be. We know they weren't great to begin with, but we are all excited. After the game there is smores later on tonight with a bonfire (hope the wood stayed dry).

We are getting sad about saying goodbye to Erin as we know it may be a year or more before we see her again. We are happy we got to spend this time with her. It has been very exciting to see what God is doing with her and through her.

The pictures were just shots we took around the house, minus the one with the waterfall. Yesterday was quite an adventure at the slippery rocks (yes much like our hometown) and I am glad we all survived without any major falls. But it was beauitful to walk through the country side and see what real village life is like and the mini rainforest we walked through.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Life in PNG

We arrived in PNg on Saturday. We are doing alright with time changes, but like to sleep a lot. today was my first day at the hospital with Erin. It was quite different than what I was used to. We started in the medicine ward and saw a guy with a lumbar (low back fracture) who doesn't want to go home, yet there isn't anything else they can do for him. Then the lady next to him had HIV and pneumonia and died later on. Next was an older lady with lung problems who got to go home, next was a lady who had fever, delirium, and new onset of head twitching-we did an Lumbar puncture (erin and I after Erin dropped the needle and we had to wait for a new one), I was a little rusty as it has been over a year since I did that. Next was a guy who was treated for pneumonia and was feeling better who we also sent home. There were others in between about 12 in all, but it challenging. Next we headed to OPD-outpatient department where we saw at least 30 pts in the am and pm combined. Probably more, but I wasn't counting. Some we could help-others we couldn't. It is good to be back with Erin we often broke out in spontaneous laughter as I started to speak Spanish as they are speaking Pidgin, because I don't know Pidgin and I know they don't know English. I have learned some words today, so maybe tomorrow will be better. Here are some pictures of our day and time so far.