Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wheezy and Granola Bars

What will entertain your child? It is a common question that changes everyday and sometimes multiple times a day. Today was a rainy day, we did have some friends over this am, but this afternoon was lots of naps and trying to keep the kids entertained. Joe is redoing his boat and is almost done so Luke went out and helped him, in the process he found "Wheezy" a plastic minnow, that Luke casted his pole and "caught" with Joe's help. Well it didn't take long into this game for Luke to decide Wheezy was his pet goldfish and he was keeping him. So wheezy came inside in a cup of water and since then we have been playing with Wheezy all afternoon. Luke wants to take Wheezy to church to show his friends, Wheezy got a bath with Luke and Joe and Luke washed him multiple times. He is currently watching the Tv Show Max and Ruby before bed with Luke. Telling Luke, Wheezy has to stay in the water doesn't seem to sink in as he is out of the water more than he is in the water.
Graham on the other hand has been sitting very content for about the last 30 minutes pulling the granola bars out of the box and putting them in the pot next to him and then putting the lid on and then putting them back in the box. How can I stop this fun game for him? I know we might only have crumbs to eat soon ,but that is alright if he is entertained it works for me!!

Well 3 weeks to go until the new baby comes. Still debating boys names, but everything else is ready for the big day. I am getting tired and feeling the baby being very low. I am finding bending over or getting down on the ground. Luke is excited and thinks his "Baby sister" is coming soon but doesn't want us to get rid of Graham. So we are happy he wants to keep Graham around, but not sure what we will say if it isn't a girl that comes out!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We went and got photos of the boys taken. Mostly because Graham had turned one and I wanted to get a photo collage of him at age 1 like I did of Luke. So off we went to Portrait Innovations and had a fun morning. Graham was not too cooperative, but we did get some good shots, and Luke was a little Ham. I then went to Kohl's and got a frame to put 3 5 x 7 pics in. I thought I could use this and rotate the kids pics as they grow. So we hung it up tonight and we have the 5 x 7 of Graham, but I had given away all the 5 x 7 of Luke, so we had to order another one so we have a stand in, then we used the babies Ultrasound pic for their picture. So it looks kind of funny, but I think it will look great once it is actually filled in for real!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Today was a Nash Family workday. We had some hired help with babysitters and some kids we know to get things done. We finished painting the whole inside of the fence, that is like 600 feet, unfortunately it was supposed to rain, but it still hasn't and is 7 at night. so we could have kept going and tried to get the outside done as well, but we stopped so it would dry and not be ruined. The rest of the day was spent picking rocks, and making a driveway or a side driveway and then outlining it for Joe's boat, or the tractor, or anyone's car when they come to visit. Joe spent all day on the Bobcat moving rock or dirt, making landscaping beds and having fun. He still has more dirt to move from our driveway but is glad his main job doesn't involved living inside a Bobcat all day.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Well the swing set project started last weekend. We had Grandpa Meier in for the day as it was Graham's birthday, and he brought his whole basement of tools with him. So we got a good start on the project. We constructed it inside the garage as rain was predicted and then moved it outside once it got to big. The fort part, or the little platform with the roof is about all we got done last weekend. So this week Joe and I have been doing little bits each night. We finally got it done but can't figure out how to do the swing and glider. You would think it would be easy, but it isn't. We adjusted the swing set a little to make a sandbox underneath, since our turtle sandbox didn't fit. We still have to work on tacking up the lining we got for that. But all in all Luke has enjoyed it so far.