Friday, April 25, 2014

A walk

Walking can be a very simple thing. Nice casual stroll, enjoying the nice weather, looking at the wildlife!

Or it can be filled with tears and screaming. I decided to take 4 children and 2 dogs for a walk around our field last night. Madison typically wants to hold peanuts leash and then walks with her. Well today she didn't. She just decided she didn't want to walk period and wanted to be carried. I have been thru this before with a now almost 5 year old and I was determined to win the battle.

Luke and Eli run ahead and go back to the house. Graham takes peanuts leash and I continue to hold out my hand for Madison to hold. She refuses and wants to be carried and then throws herself on the ground when she doesn't get her way. I just keep walking. Graham starts to say things like. "Mom, Madison isn't coming." "I am scared for Madison". Graham what is going to happen to her? We are in our field she is 5 feet behind us crying, I can surely save her before a wild animal comes out of the woods or a stranger races up our driveway, across the field, and snatchers her. (Ok I didn't say that but I thought it). I just kept reassuring him she was fine. Eventually she picked herself up and walked to me. Again I held out my hand for her to hold it. Again she cried and wanted carried. We walked a little and then down again. Graham again for worried, so I told him the story of when he was a little boy Madison's age and how he did the same thing while walking in the driveway. And Luke was worried for him just like you are worried about Madison. He liked to hear about that. This continues the whole walk. Every 10 feet or so she would lay back and cry and after 5 mins she would pick herself up and join us. Finally as we rounded the fence she grabbed my hand and we walked all the way to the house!

For now I am still winning the battle!

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