Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Madison Renee Nash was born this am at 928 am. She weighs in at 6 lbs and 3 oz and was 18 inches long. She has lots of hair but has been good. Not really crying, eating some, being a cute little cuddlebug!

Mommy is doing good, in some pain but nothing like when Eli was born! Aunt Erin is spending the night as daddy went home to deal with 3 boys with strep throat, who are getting better and will hopefully meet their new sister tomorrow! Thanks for everyones prayers!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


We are supposed to have a c-section on Tuesday to meet our little girl. We have had some unexpected things happen recently. I started having contractions Thursday night that continued into Friday but only when up and doing things, so I missed my last day of work and have been trying to lay low.
Graham started to have a fever on Friday night and has strep throat. Luckily I know a good doctor who started him on antibiotics Friday night. Saturday, Graham stopped talking and mostly pointed for things and drooled a lot (not wanting to swallow) due to all the Infection in his mouth. By the end of the day when he wouldn't take his medication, or anything at all we decided to give him a shot of antibiotics to help speed up the process since he stopped eating and drinking. My thought was if we didn't do something then he would be worse and I would be in the ER with him on Sunday! His words "I no like that" after it was all over.

Around the time I decided Graham needed a shot, shadow comes in from outside just panting uncontrollably. I think she is hot so I throw water on her outside. No change, and she won't drink anything. So this goes on for 10-15 mins and it isn't stopping. Google tells me excessive panting for longer than 10 mins can be due to heat stroke (we had seen much hotter days and it is 8 at night, thinking unlikely), congestive heart failure (not sure how you diagnosis this in a dog but she doesn't have the signs a person does), extreme pain (I do a through pat down of all legs and sides And find no wounds or problem areas), infection ( mostly with heartworms-she is on monthly Meds(most of the time)), respiratory distress due to choking ( gums don't look blue). So I am clueless. Joe is at a softball game for church so we wait the extra 10 mins until he gets home. He thinks heat and goes to give her a bath- takes off the collar and yells for me. 1 cm circular hole/wound in her chest area. I realized that she was laying on the side and I never looked at her chest just he belly, legs, head, and neck. So likely pain is the reason for the panting and depending on bow deep the wound, maybe respiratory. So Joe takes her to emergency vet an hour away, while I get medicine for Graham, and Erin holds down the fort with 2 sleeping boys. (no idea what we would have done without her this weekend)

So Joe and shadow got in at 1230 ish, no stitches since a opened pocket but thinking it was a ground hog bite as they fd another mark! Rabies shot, pain Meds and antibiotics and home they came. This is good because I was trying to sleep with Graham in the living room, but the 9 month pregnant person doesn't fit on a couch with a sick, hot boy who moves and drools a lot! So Graham wakes up and says he wants breakfast! I am thinking the shot helped him, so we try some water and toast. He downs the water and then goes for the toast, and burps, and yes then vomits all his water ( because his stomach wasn't used to food). Joe takes him for a bath while I clean up. He sleeps w Joe on the couch while I get my bed, but my adrenaline is pumping so it is another hour before I fall asleep! Of course Luke is up at 630, but he comes in my room until 740 when Eli wakes up and we make Joe go into the bedroom to sleep more.

No church for us as Graham still had a fever this am, and still wasn't feeling great. So we hung out and right after his nap he started to drink and eat some small bites of real food!!! Yipee. By the end of the evening he was somewhat playful, was talking, and eating better. He took his medicine so praying he is on the mend. also praying the other 2 don't get it as Eli was very whiney today. So we will see what tomorrow brings.

All I know is that in 24 hrs I get to go to the hospital to have my last baby!! I am so ready to be done being pregnant and very ready to meet my daughter!!!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Enjoying the cooler days

Since the temperature has dropped to the 80's instead of the 90's I have enjoyed going outside again. Today we took a walk along the driveway and found some ants to play with and watched them carry a leaf around. Then we headed home to hit some baseballs, ride our cars, sweep the porch, and finally take a Popsicle break! And all this before 930!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Baby Shower

 Some of my friends decided to throw me a baby shower, since this last baby is going to be a little girl.  So a lot of my friends as well as a bunch of my family showed up for the day.  I was thrilled to see everyone, and to see how much each of us remembered about Mother Goose and Dr. Seuss.

Madison was blessed with many great gifts, including her first doll, a big dog stuffed animal, and lots of clothes. 

She is all set and her room is ready we just have to wait the 2 weeks to meet her.  I am definitely ready to meet her, as is the rest of the the family.