Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy birthday

Graham turned 3 today! We went to the history museum yesterday to see dinosaurs. Today was luke's first t-ball game in 30 degree weather! Then it was lunch time and cake and ice cream!! Graham enjoyed his company of Mimi, grandma and grandpa Meier, and aunt Erin via computer. He enjoyed his baby turtle, his new zoo lego's, his power wheels jeep, and his handy manny bench.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Outside fun

We went for a walk shooting "wolves" with our squirt guns and are now enjoying a snack!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Movie night

Luke declared tonight was movie night.  So the boys went upstairs and brought down all their animals and pillows.  They have had fun hiding in the animals and making Eli find them.  I am thinking we are watching the muppets again tonight!!!

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Potty training

We have been trying to potty train Graham on and off. He gets into it and is excited and then stops. About 2 weeks ago I has Graham and Eli at Walmart. We walked thru the toys and Graham found many things he wanted. So I told him if he stops wearing diapers we can come back and get a toy. So that was it. Since then we have been in big boy underwear and have been very dry. A few accidents here ad there but really doing well. So today as Joe took Luke fishing, we went and picked out his toy. A packet of star wars mini guys! Let's hope it continues!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012


We decided to go to Sunrise Service this year for Easter. What we were not aware of, is that this was outside. There was mention of this last night as we were going to bed that last year it was outside, but we assumed since no one had mentioned it, that it wouldn't be. Luckily, I thought to plan ahead and had extra sweatshirts, and blankets for the kiddos. I even brought a sweater to put over my dress, but the rest of us adults suffered. It was a good 30 minute service remembering that Jesus was alive as the sun rose that morning and this morning as well. After church we had a wonderful pancake breakfast at church, and then headed home. The Easter bunny had been by and dropped off baskets with Kangaroo's for each child as well as Growing Capsules. Grandma and Grandpa Meier came down and the boys enjoyed playing with them and their Easter baskets of Candy. We then had a Easter Egg hunt later in the day when it was a tad warmed. Eli figured out quite quickly what to do, and Graham was so helpful in giving him the eggs on the deck that he found, as this was Eli's area. We then had a delicious ham lunch and PB pie for dessert, yummy. We said goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa and settled in to watch the Muppet's movie again, while our food digested. We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday.