Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Train Tracks

Joe was going to give Luke a bath tonight, but after about 30 mins I realized no bath had taken place yet. I went to investigate and found our naked son playing with his train on his train tracks made of Q-tips. Not sure who came up with the idea of the Q-tips-but Joe became the manager of the track and would put the Q-tips back when they got out of place. Luke started imitating his clicking noise that he made when putting it back in place. It was very cute.


Luke has taken to hugging most things in our house. Joe will ask for a hug before he leaves for work and he makes his rounds-Joe, Me, Shadow, Peanut, Klondike (if she can be found), sometimes different stuffed animals.

Today we were talking to Erin on the webcam and it was time to say goodbye. I told Luke to say bye bye to Ant E, and he went up to the computer and gave it a hug. I thought it was very sweet, it was unfortunate the webcam was behind so Erin didn't get to see it, but we hope it will continue.

So if you happen to see Luke anytime soon, just ask him for a hug!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Luke had his first adventure with the snow today. Picture THE CHRISTMAS STORY, where they spend 10 mins trying to get the youngest son in his outdoor gear. Well during that time of trying to get his boots on and coat on, Luke is just screaming. He is excited about going "OUT" as he calls it. When we finally get outside, he can hardly walk due to the snow pants and the coat and the gloves. Everytime he tries to bend over he falls down and screams. We got out his little sled and pulled him around. He enjoyed trying to touch the "SSS-NO" as he calls it. We had a fun 15 mins outside and then called it a day. We are hoping for more adventures than just the 2 inches we had today!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008