Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone. We hope everyone is enjoying celebrating Jesus's birth.

The boys gave us a great gift by sleeping in until 8 today. Mommy and Daddy loved that!!! Eli woke up as the Grinch, literally. He was not in a good mood this morning and it has continued all day. He has croup and was given steroids yesterday by his Doctor Mom, and one of the side effects is irritability. Well he certainly has it. He did sleep through the night, which was an improvement from being up al of Friday night with a barking seal. However his mood today has much to be desired. Even after a 2 hr nap this AM, still Mr. Grinch.

He is enjoying his car, and Mom has taken to seatbelting him into his car so he can't get out and cause trouble. His brothers are enjoying their toys. Graham tried out his bumblebee bike and Luke is enjoying his Marble maze and his Handy Manny toys. The boys had a good

We are getting ready for a dinner and then having a birthday cake for Jesus.

Hope you guys had a great day also.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Tree


We decided to set up our christmas tree after our Thanksgiving. It took all day on Friday to get the tree up and then as I did the lights I realized half our lights didn't work. So, Graham and I traveled to Walmart to buy the lights. Then after dinner we started to do the tree. The boys put all the ornaments in the front and we had more broken ornaments this year than ever before, but they had fun. Taking a picture however wasn't as easy as Eli was not cooperating.