Saturday, July 30, 2011


It has been Joe's dream to have a deck. Well not really a dream, but he really wanted one since we moved into the house. We finally decided to go for it this summer. The "DECK GUYS" are almost done. They have another bench to build and then a covering to put up along the bottom of the deck. Luke has enjoyed having them around as he goes out every morning and talks to the DECK GUYS or yells out the window "Hey Deck Guy, what is that tool for". We do know their names, but Deck Guy comes out a lot. We are happy with the deck and are excited for our first grill out on the deck. The best thing about these deck guys, is that they used to live in Joe's hometown in Kansas, Olathe and worked at the same plant his Dad worked at: small world!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


We took a vacation to Kansas and Branson, Missouri. We drove. Yes, we are crazy, but the boys did very well on the way there. We stopped in Indianpolis and then in St. Louis where we had friends that we visited with for Lunch. They have a little girl who is Luke's age, and on the way back Luke kept asking if we were going to visit with "St. Louis" again. It was quite funny when we figured out what he was saying. We made it to Kansas and spent 2 days there. We visited with the big dogs of Barron and Brodie who are 100 lb dogs. We spent a day with Dave and Brenda playing in the sprinkler and eating smores and having a blast. We enjoyed hanging out with Aunt Carrie, Uncle Arthur, and cousin Owen (4 months younger than Graham)

We next traveled to Branson, Missouri. We stopped at Lambert's Restaurant on the way, the home of thrown rolls. It was great. A guy would come out every 5 minutes with hot rolls and you would raise your hand and he would throw one to you. NEVER HAND IT EVEN IF YOU WERE NEXT TO HIM. He would throw them across the room or just 1 foot away. It was great. I can see in a few years the boys getting very excited at that restaurant. The guy had very good aim as well, as I caught one that he threw directly at me from across the room!!!

We made it to Branson and got our condo. We enjoyed some time on the beach, swimming in the pool, going to Silver dollar city, and the Dixie Stampede. Where Luke will proudly tell you that the"North" won. We celebrated Joe's 33rd birthday with a trip to Landry's Seafood house, and even went putt-putt golfing.

We traveled to Rodgers, AK from Branson to visit with Joe's good friend from High school and college roommate. We do NOT recommend the drive from Branson to Rodgers. Graham and Luke both lost control of their stomachs on the very windy roads. We enjoyed the visit with the friends, but not the car ride.

WE survived the car ride home and do not look forward to another trip anytime soon. But we are happy that we don't have any more big car trips except traveling to Harrisburg for a wedding in September.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Photo Shoot

We had a photo shoot and all the boys were pretty happy. Getting the photo of all three of them was a challenge to get them all looking, and they weren't but that is ok.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Who has seen the show "American Pickers"? Joe loves to watch this show and see how one man's junk can be another's treasure. He recently decided that our house needed some decorations. I have slacked off in that department after I put up the photos of the kids. So he took over, which is great.

First we have a 96 inch airplane (no it isn't an antique, but looks cool in the living room)

Next Joe traveled to the local antique store where he found this old time torch lighter and the picture frame. He then looked at ebay many a nights and came back with a duck imprinted brick, and an old decoy duck which decorate the mantle now.

He also found this old saw, which I like as my Grandpa was a logger and had one of these in his house. He has found some other treasures as well, including old kendall oil cans, and other pictures. I will take more pictures as we continue to put them up on the walls. Stay tuned for American Pickers part 2!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Luke Fishing

Joe got these cool hunting sunglasses that have a camera in them. He used them the other day when he took Luke fishing. Check out their fun.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Eli is Walking

After dinner today, Eli took his first steps! He has been taking an occasional step, but not really crusing on furniture or walking if you hold his hands, but for some reason he just started walking today. It was right before dinner, so we will see what tomorrow brings.