Wednesday, April 29, 2009

all boys

Luke got to hold graham today for the first time. He had help from dad of course!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

6 lb - 10 ounces - 19 inches Graham Joseph Nash

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On our way in to the operating room for the c-section - all is going well. We should have a baby in about 60 min.
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Awaiting our 4th member

This is a picture that was taken at church on Sunday. The last

photo of our threesome family before we turn into a foursome!!

New Beds

We have recently upgraded from a full bed to a king bed, after Joe watched QVC and made us purchase a "sleep number bed". So we have had that for awhile, but have been waiting to get the furniture to go with it once we moved into our new house. Well with the deals that were going on around here, we couldn't pass up the deal we got on our furniture. So we have a new bed and also we had to get a big boy bed for Luke. So we decided on bunk beds for him and Graham. However so far we only have Luke's bed up, we will wait on Graham's until the new house. Luke of course still wants to sleep in the crib, but we are hoping to get that changed soon.

Golfing Luke

Luke is currently into all sports, but right now when we are outside golf is his favorite. He has gotten pretty good at hitting the ball, even using a tee, and he has the follow through down as well. Our only concern is the number of times he hits the ball off the tee and his multiple fake attempts at hitting the ball. If he was playing for real I think others would be frustrated.

However his biggest nemesis on the "golf" course is "PETE". The little brown dog who loves to steal his golf balls, especially right off the tee. Then he runs after her and yells "pete drop-it" Sometimes she listens and sometimes she doesn't, but still very comical!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fresh Fish

April marks the start of trout season in Pennsylvania. Usually, I throw back all of my fish, but I decided to keep one and eat it. Over the last couple of years I've acquired more of a taste for fresh fish, so I put this fbrown trout on the fire and ate it for dinner tonight. It was very good.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

We have a 2nd floor

This is Luke walking in the Master Bedroom Closet
This is the outside of the house, from the back, with our sunroom poking out and mounds of dirt

This is the front view of the house

This is looking up the steps to our second floor

Well we went and took a look at the house after 3 days of rain and we discovered we have a second floor, steps, and the rooms staked out. So we are pretty excited about this. We did get a little nervous as Luke is running around and there are random boards everywhere, nails, and open windows. But he loves the "house" and doesn't want to leave it everytime we go and asks for "more house" a lot!
Still no baby yet

New Baby Alert

We're down to less than 5 days until the baby comes (unless he decides to come early). We are officially at DEFCON 4 alert level.

I'll post the first pictures here on the blog on Tuesday morning (or before) when he arrives.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Framing the house

Building a house is very neat. It is almost comparable to a baby growing inside a womb. It starts out small and then every day things change and grow until finally you have a beautiful house, or a brand new baby. It has been 3 weeks of house work and they
have the first floor all framed, but nothing inside is divided yet.

We go up and walk around. Luke likes the house and seeing all the nails and screws and wants to "hammer" them. The dogs aren't too sure what to make of it all yet, but they certaintly like all the woods and bushes to go and explore.


With Graham (for those who don't know this is the baby's name GRAHAM JOSEPH) coming in about a week, or less, we have been working with luke on various things. We brought the swing upstairs and placed a stuffed giraffe "raff" in the swing and said it was baby Graham. At first we did good, and then we started pushing the swing very hard and trying to climb in on top of raff. We did enjoy pushing the buttons for the music though, so Graham will always have music going he might just be flying out of the seat!!

We have also been working on sharing. Luke is a hoarder of many things, mostly balls. There are probably 20 golf balls in the house right now that he likes to carry around in a basket and won't give any of them up. Peanut or "pete" loves golf balls as well to chase and to chew on, so she always comes over and steals one or two. Luke has a fit and runs after her. I taught him to say "pete drop it" to give the ball back, but as you know, dogs don't always respond. When she does drop it, he never throws it to her, so he really doesn't like to drop it. Today Luke was playing with his balls and Raff came and took one. Luke freaked out and tried to steal it off Raff (being played by Joe). Raff told Luke he had to ask nicely "Raff please share ball with Luke"-Please Share came out on a few occasions, if it didn't the ball wasn't handed over. Well after playing this game for so long Luke decided he wasn't going to ask and Raff wouldn't give him the ball, so Luke looks at me with a pouty face and starts to cry. Joe and I try really hard not to laugh, but we made him ask Raff to share and he did, so the tears went away.

I can see having a second child will be challenging for the first, but luckily it will be a long while before Graham wants anything Luke has, it will be the otherway around I am sure.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Home Opener

Pirates v. Astros / PNC Park

The weather was great for Pittsburgh this time of year. We saw Zack Duke pitch a shutout.

Apache Helicopter Fly-Over