Friday, July 27, 2007

We are still here.....

We know it has been almost a month since our last entry, and we apologize. We graduated, then flew to KC to see Joe's family and then to Canada for Joe's sister's wedding in the Canadian Rockies. Then back to Harlingen, for 2 nights before we loaded the van and headed on our 5 day road trip to Slippery Rock, PA. I recommend traveling with 2 dogs, 1 cat, and a 4 month old for this distance if no one has ever done it before. You get to hit all the cool rest stops for potty breaks and walks. The days were short in the hours of driving, as in 5 hours of driving time, but it would take us about 8-9 per day to make that 5 hours of driving time. But we had fun, listened to some books on tape and talked.

We finally arrived in our new home in Slippery Rock on Sunday night. It was great to feel at home. We lived in our home for 6 days without furniture as the movers came on Saturday night. But we had a good time. We got to explore Moraine State park, have dinner with my new boss and his family, see some old friends, and visit Pittsburgh twice to see my Grandma. So it wasn't all that bad. However after 6 nights of sleeping on sleeping bags we were ready for a bed. After the movers left at 1 am on Sunday morning, we went to bed and were thankful when my boss and his daughter showed up the next day after church and helped us move some things and keep Luke occupied so we could get some things done. About an hour after they left, my Dad and Laurel came down and stayed over and were a huge help to getting things situated. So now we have all the boxes gone from the upstairs, but the garage and basement are full of boxes!!!!

We are loving our house and the climate in Slippery Rock. Joe is still trying to install an electric fence, multiple things have hindered the progress-mostly the daily rain and the Luke watching. We are enjoying the State Park and try to go there every other day for hikes. We are liking life without jobs right now. But that will all change soon. I take my boards on Friday and start work on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Erin and I had our graduation yesterday from Residency. It was a bitter sweet time, as it will be hard to say good-bye to all the great friends and family we have down here in South Texas. We had a great class and we will really miss each other as we are all going across the globe for our next mission station in life. Thanks to all who were here for graduation and have prayed for us during this journey of our lives. We are off to Kansas then Canada for Joe's sister's wedding, and then off to Pennsylvania. Lots of changes happening!!!