Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Visitors-Mimi and Aunt Carrie


I had visitors this past weekend. They said they were coming to visit Dad and Mom, but I know they were really coming to only see me!!!!!!! We had a great time. I loved to walk back and forth with my lion and make loud squeals. I was very entertaining. I slept good at night and didn't get any complaints, that I was too loud. I allowed them to play with my doggies and I even shared my toys. I also got a cool Tiger Basketball Hoop from my Aunt Carrie and Uncle Arthur. Now I can be just like Mom!!! If anyone else wants to schedule a visit just let me know and I will check my calendar, I know it is pretty opened!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sandy Cove

The whole family traveled to North East, MD this weekend for the CMDA Northeast Winter Retreat. This is something Erin and I have been going to since starting medical school. Joe has been to 3 of these as well, once when he proposed to me and then 2 years when we were married. It was great for us to get back there and see lots of friends. If anyone is thinking of going we highly recommend getting the single room if you have kids. You have a nice suite and there is so much room. We loved the other times we went and shared rooms with other folks or married folks, but this was heaven compared to those times. We enjoyed the weekend a lot because we got to see Dr. and Mrs. Leibert again from Harlingen. Dr. Leibert was the main speaker. Joe got to get involved playing some music together with Dr. Leibert as they have done so many times before. Luke was wonderful and everyone loved his smile and laughs.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Snow in PA

Hello our faithful followers. We have been slow on the blog update due to the fact we have been having camera problems. We sent it in to be fixed, and it came back and we thought it worked, but then stopped working. But today we took it out in the snow and got a few photos. It was not snowball or snowman making weather, so we just sat in the snow and looked at it. We also have only one photogenic animal in the bunch.