Monday, February 18, 2013

Children's museum

Since it was Presidents' Day Joe and I took the day off and decided to go to the Children's museum with the kids. We haven't been in over a year. A lot of other people had this same idea as it was quite packed. But the kids had fun playing in the giant maze, building things, bouncing in the rainbow bouncey house, and going in the gravity room. They also enjoyed painting with sand and light much like joe Castillo from the X factor show this past season. We learned something about Madison, she might not like baby food but she was very interested in trying to pick up Mac and cheese and eat it at lunch time! So we may be on to something here! On the way home I was wondering who was more tired? The 4 kids who 3/4 were sleeping or the 2 adults who 1/2 were sleeping and the one driving wanted to be sleeping. We had a good day and plan to go back soon as we bought the membership for the year!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

7 months old

Madison is 7 months old today! She is becoming such a happy baby! She enjoys sitting up and playing with different toys. She will lay on her belly but has no desire to roll over yet! She still loves her bottles and has started eating baby food but mostly enjoys spitting it back in your face (literally)! The boys like talking to her and giving her toys, we will see what they say once she is mobile and stills their toys! She has 2 teeth and loves to gnaw on you. She has also found a way to dirty more outfits than her brothers have done at such a young age! We are thankful for our little girl!

Car rides

Since Eli has given up his pacey, which he has done way better than expected!, he seems to be finding his own place in the house. He likes to go to where the other boys are playing ad then casually wreck it. Or he will just go and take something they are looking at and walk away, this of course leads to screaming from the other kids. It could not have anything to do with the pacey and him just being more mischievous, or being the 3rd boy. But anyway it has been interesting. While driving to church today this is what we have heard already:

I have to take my coat off because I am too cold!

Guys look at me, guys look at me (he repeats this about 10 times) then says guys why aren't you looking at me?
(Now he is in the middle row of the car and Luke and graham are in the back so they can't see anything anyway!)

My tummy hurts on the back!

Not sure what we are going to do with this 2 yr old who is cute and mischievous in his own perfect way!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

No more pacey!

Eli gave up his pacey last night! He wasn't too happy about it but he was happy he got his Brobie pillow this morning as his reward! I hope nap and night time tonight go pretty well!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Your child is sick when . . .

You know your child is sick when he, 1) eats 2 bites for lunch and wants to take a nap
2) sleeps thru dinner, 3) is offered ice cream and takes one bite and says he is done, 4) sits quietly and happily listens to stories for 45 mins (a small feat for the super energetic kid), 5) coughs or barks like a seal every 5 minutes!

I have enjoyed the cuddling time with my not so little boy! I also fear there will be more cuddling tonight and not enough sleep for his mother!