Tuesday, February 26, 2008


We had a Luau for work on Saturday. Everyone had to dress up. Luke went as a shark, ok not really, but he looks pretty cute in the Shark!! We won the prize for best side dish---OREO DESSERT!!!! Yummy dessert if you have never had it!!

The other news is that Luke is now talking. Last week he started to say "HOT" when he was by the stove. Now everything is Hot, but he is saying it more and more. He is also saying Ball and Up, but not as frequently as Hot. We are still waiting for DAD and MOM to come out of his mouth. He does say DA when he hears Joe's truck come down the driveway and the garage door going up and we are waiting for him at the top of the steps, but not when he sees him. And well, since he is with me the most he has no need to say MOM. But someday. He is still taking 4-5 steps at a time but hasn't taken off yet. Someday soon!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Drum Lesson

After hearing the measuring cup bang on the large pot night after night we decided we would get Luke a drum for his birthday. I wanted one like the Fisher Price one we each had as a child, plastic with lots of other instruments-maracas, tambourine, etc with a cool strap that you can put around your neck and everything fits in the drum. I found one online, but we went to the store and were unable to locate it. So we end up in the music section and find a drum with a tambourine and maracas and everything fits inside. Only this is a real drum, with a drum key and everything. Of course it is for ages 6 and up, so we have a little prodigy on our hands. When we got home today, Joe was downstairs playing the drums and Luke couldn't get enough of the music. Joe got him to hold the sticks and he started banging all over the place. We will continue with the daily lessons and let you know when he is going to release his first album!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Joe's Evening

I was at work, but this is the story I got.

Joe calls me to ask if our power went out. It went out at the house and it was all black, we didn't have a flashlight handy, so Joe had problems locating Luke. Now I know you are asking, well where was he? Well he was in the living room with Joe, but he doesn't quite talk yet, so getting him to talk and not crawl away before Joe could find him was slightly challenging, but it did happen and everyone was safe when the lights came on.
In the meantime, Joe let Shadow run outside and she ended up cutting her paw. So she gets blood all over the place. Joe tries to get Luke to be quite while he can clean this up, so he gives Luke an unopened pudding container to play with. While Joe was cleaning up, the good dog, Peanut, swipes the pudding from the unsuspecting child and runs into the bedroom and breaks into it and eats all the chocolate. Very soon she walks out and vomits all over the carpet, then shortly there after, has a BM all over the carpet, jumps onto the loveseat with the new slip cover and vomits again. Now remember Joe is trying to clean up blood and entertain Luke, and now has another sick animal on his hands. The new steam cleaner came in very handy and was used a lot. Needless to say the good dog, ended up vomiting 3 x and having about 5 BM's. It was a great night for Joe and he was just happy Luke and Klondike didn't get involved in the fun!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Groundhog's Day

This was my very first Groundhog's Day. It was great! We have an animal that is kind of shaped like a Groundhog (well 2 actually). So we took the brown one outside and tried to see her shadow. We didn't see it, so we are predicting an early spring. My Dad said that Phil the real groundhog saw his shadow, but what does he know???? Anyway, when we weren't outside playing in the snow, I was inside banging on pots and pans while Dad made meatballs and sphaghetti sauce. Mom put this hat on me, she said I look cute, I really think it is because Dad cut my hair the other day and she is trying to cover my head up!!!