Sunday, January 21, 2007

Car Seat? Check.

Today we installed the car seat....which was about the most difficult think I've ever done. Who writes these instructions anyway?....their pretty bad.

After the events of this weekend, we may be having the baby a little earlier than expected, so we're doing everything we can to get ready. Mom is doing well...although she'll have to take it easy for the rest of her pregnancy.

All indications that the baby is healthy and doing well.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Birth Class

Today we went to our "birth class" at the hospital. It was a 6 hour crash course meant for husbands who have no idea what to expect about labor, delivery, and caring for a baby. I thought it was very informative, and I think even Megan probably learned something. It is hard to believe that in just a month, we could be having our baby.

Tomorrow, we're having our friends Matt and Katie over for some dinner and then we're all watching the premier of 24 - the best show on television......hands down.

I'll be on the road this coming weekend, so we should have some new video/pictures up on the web page very soon.