Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sunny day

Enjoying the water, shade, and toys this hot day!!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Luke has become more boy, if that is possible. Since having Eli, everything is about fighting, punching, playing hockey (which he is really good at) and wrestling. I think this is do to, too much DAD time when I was in the hospital, but I can't be sure. He is a typical 3 yr old and sometimes likes Graham and plays with him, but mostly he makes his cry as he takes his toy or plows into him. He is always looking for something to be his sword (hence the paint sticks) But at the same time, he is lovable and cuddly and we wouldn't change him for anyone!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Eli has become a typical 1 month old. He sleeps, eats, and then cries and makes burps and toots. He has become more awake each day and seems to know you are there talking to him at times. Besides that he hasn't had much to say these lasat 30 days, but we are hoping for his first word any day now!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010


Graham has been fun over the last month. He has started to walk and makes this grunt sound and holds up his hand when he wants to walk with you finger. He then leads you where he wants to go. He will take some steps on his own as well about 6-10 at a time. He is very curious about Eli and is often found poking him or squeezing his toes or hands and trying to put the pacificer in any hole he sees (ear, nose, mouth). He has also become our climber and can be found doing these daredevil antics multiple times throughout the day. Lastly, he is a pouter, and makes a great grumpy face! He understand the word, NO and will then pout if he doesn't like why we told him NO.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bench in Boys Room

Since we moved the boys together we haven't had a place to sit down and allow them to cuddle up and read stories. We have been on the floor or on Luke's bed. Let me tell you how fun this is when you are 8-9 months pregnant. I have looked for a bench or a couch online but didn't find anything I liked that would hold an adult, all the kids furniture was very short. So we had this little cubbie that usually holds stuffed animals or books. I decided to add a top to it and will hopefully add a orange cushion to it and made it into a bench. The stain will hopefully match that in the boys rooms, as their furniture is darker. We will see once it dries and makes it upstairs how it looks!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


We have a corner in our playroom which is right by our screen door. I have often wished for a place right there to put the kids shoes in when it is muddy or wet, or to have a towel for the dogs so that we can wipe their paws off. The problem is it is a corner area. So I decided to try to make a bench. I have done tons of woodworking-when i was about 7-10 yrs old with my dads help in the basement. Since then I took wood shop in 7th grade and nothing since that time. So I took some measurements and just went to it. I am pretty happy with it. I have never stained anything before either, and that wasn't too hard. So my first project is done. I may add a cushion to the top of this. As you can see in only one day, Luke has put toys all over it, but my intention is for the shoes and towels I mentioned before. Also a nice place to sit down.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Eli's Room

You have all seen the before the baby was born photo's of Eli's room and now you will see the after photo's of Eli's room. I hope you enjoy I know he will (once he stops getting up 3 times at night and we put him upstairs!!!!)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Maternity Leave

Maternity Leave is about Rest, Relaxation, and Repairs!!! Or at least that is what my maternity leave has become.

Rest is something that I do 24 hours a day, just sit around and relax, on the couch never lifting a finger. OK not really, it is more like I never get to sit down and rest as there is always 1 or 3 little ones trying to get my attention. It certainty doesn't happen at night when Mr. Eli is up every 3 hrs and often won't go to sleep between the feedings. We love him and all but just wish for a little more rest. Rest normally doesn't happen during the day as the 2 older boys go down for a nap, but more often than not, Eli needs to eat at that time and rest isn't an option.

Relaxation is when you just sit and read a good book (or 8) or watch a TV show. This has been happening this maternity leave. I have read about 8 books in the last 4 weeks, but mostly I read 6 in one week. I know what was i thinking, where was this time coming from? I am really not sure but i know I didn't do a whole lot else. But I am supposed to be relaxing right?

Repairs. Well this has many meanings. Since I have 12 weeks off I decided I would do some household projects that I have wanted to do, but haven't had the time to do. Well since I have someone at the house most days helping me out I have had time to do some things if the older ones are occupied and Eli is sleeping!! So someone is going to say, well why don't you rest during those times? The answer is I really can't take a nap at 9 in the morning when i just woke up. So I stay busy. You will see some of those repairs in later blogs!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Puppy returns

Puppy came in the mailbox today, after a night all alone and then another in a box!! But he is safe and secure in lukes arms!!!!

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Missing puppy

Puppy went missing after our trip to Bradford for the 4th of July. We realized it after we got home at 1030. Then we remembered we stopped in johnsonburg to pick up old desks I had as a little kid. We remembered puppy got left on the patio. Luckily puppy was rescused by Aunt Cindy and sent home.