Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Baby Nash #3

So for those who haven't heard, Yes we really are pregnant. We are due June 18th! We had our 19 week Ultrasound today. The baby is 2.5 inches long and 11 oz. Pretty small!! But everything looks good with fingers, toes, the spine and the nose. So we are happy about that. The sex will be a surprise in June!!!

Vicks Walls

Well after 2-3 washings of the walls we have concluded

that Vicks doesn't come off the walls and we will have permanent stains. So we are debating colors and looking to add a lot of color to the room to color over the VICKS walls. We have requests for an Orange or a Blue room depending on the day. So we will see what happens.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why not to leave the Vicks out!

Luke has had a cough and a runny nose for the past few weeks and we have been using Vicks Vapor Rub on him. He loves his medicine. We have left the jar of vicks on his nightstand for at least a week with no problems. Last night wasn't one of those nights. Joe took him to bed and then about 10 mins later we heard the door open and we did the usual......"Luke go back to bed and shut your door". We listened for the door to shut and hoped he would stay in bed. We then sat down to watch 24 as we still have 2 hrs to go from the 4 hour season finale. Anyway, I started hearing this scraping sound coming over the baby monitor in Luke's room. So I went to investigate.

Luke had taken the jar of vicks and finger painted it everywhere. We had a finger painting session on the walls, bed posts, bookcase, comforter. So we got some towels to clean it up and he wanted to help. He was helpful at pointing out all of the places where he had put the Vicks.

He then became very hyper and was dancing and yelling and running around. He was going up to the globs of vics on the wall and telling us that it was Noah and his big boat and his animals. Needless to say we cleaned it all up and both decided no human could sleep in that room as it was the worst vicks smell ever. Very overpowering, our sinuses were cleared after being in the room for 10 minutes!!! So he had to come to bed with us, which his response was "really". He loves to sleep in Mom and Dad's bed. If he slept that would be one thing but he normally doesn't and pokes and prods you and it isn't fun for the adults in the bed. So we gave him Benadryl and he was still hyper for a good hr, but eventually he stopped squirming in bed and fell asleep, then at 2 am had a coughing fit for an hour every. I think the Benadryl was working though because I couldn't wake him up to get him to drink water. So it was a sleepless night for Mom to say the least. I know this won't be the last incident with "finger paint".

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Graham playing with my old drum.

While we were in Kansas, my mom brought up some of my toys from when I was a kid. Luke and Graham didn't seem to mind that the toys were 25 years old. As you will see, Graham has a major burst of excitement within the first 5 seconds of the video.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Baby Frosty


We have about 1 foot of snow outside. It got warm, well at least the sun came out, and Luke had been

asking to go outside. So we get him all bundled up and then he starts to cry and says he doesn't want to go outside, but we make him go anyway. Joe uses the tractor to clear some snow and make some piles and they make a little snowman. We have a snowman making kit, where you just add the snow. After the arms and the nose was on, Luke was too cold, so Joe finished the snowman. When it was all done, Luke asked where the Mommy snowman was. So maybe tomorrow a Mommy snowman will appear by the Baby Snowman.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kansas City Trip

We traveled to Kansas City to visit Joe's family on the 31st and came back on the 5th. It was quite an adventure. First we had 4 inches of snow and it took us 2 hrs to get to the airport when it normally takes 1 hour. This caused us to miss our flight and we had to go on stand-by. We were supposed to get into KC at noon, but ended up making it there at 7 pm. The good news is that we saw my Dad and Laurel for about an hour in the Chicago airport as they were on their way back to Buffalo from Nebraska. We got a Nash Family photo taken at Portrait Innovations. It didn't go so well but we did get a few good pictures. Luke just decided to shut down at the end and collapsed against a teddy bear at the end.

We got to meet the newest addition to the Nash Family. Cousin Owen. He is 3 months old and very cute and looks just like his daddy. Graham enjoyed trying to play with him and talk to him but Luke wasn't too interested in his new cousin.

Graham enjoyed playing with anything with anything he could stick in his mouth, which mostly was Joe's old toys from his childhood!!

We went to a mall to allow Luke to get out of the house and play ad run around at the playground. It was between 5-9 degrees there everyday, very cold. Well Luke found the Carousel more interesting than the play area and he rode once on a horsey and a second time on a dolphin. Both times Graham was asleep.

The highlight of the trip was the T-rex cafe. A restaurant much like a Rainforest Cafe if anyone has been there. There are a lot of dinosaurs that do lots of Roaring and there is meteor shower every half hour where everyone roars and loud noises. Luke enjoyed his time and his blue icee, Graham slept thru it all and woke up in time to watch Luke make his Build a Dinosaur, Dumbo the Wolly Mammoth, (he named it not us). It was a good trip had by all.

We were glad to arrive back in PIttsburgh Tuesday night and have survived the first week back. Everyone is recovering from their illness they had on the trip-Graham had ear infections, Luke has a cough, and Joe got a terrible cold and soar throat. Unfortunately, Joe was so sick that he couldn't do a lot of things that he wanted like see his friends. The smiles in his pictures were only temporary for the picture, as his throat was so soar he could barely swallow anything. Megan stayed immune to everything!!