Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Toughest Weather City

Please go to this website, from the
Since it is the NCAA basketball brackets, the weather channel picked the 64 toughest weather cities in America and have had their own bracket contest, the winner is the one who has received the most votes.

Well Bradford, Pa, our hometown is in the finals verses Fargo, ND. We need your help to vote. You can vote multiple times from the same computer but it eventually catches on and locks you out. Bradford had 14,000 votes in the semifinals, and Fargo had 17,000. So we need everyone to vote multiple times for Bradford!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Luke's Cave

well the past few days have been full of sickness in our household. Graham started it with the babysitter on Wednesday, and it has gone through everyone except me. Luke typically sleeps like the picture here to the Left, in his CAVE, with the 3 giant animals surrounding him.

Last night around 11, he started screaming and we found him standing in his bed, after he had vomited. The giant reindeer, Reuben, had taken one for the team. He got his first bath in at least 11 years. He felt so soft and fresh!!! Luke laid down a little today, but otherwise seemed totally fine.
So after about an hour, it happened again, only this time, he hit the giant bear and the reindeer. So there are 2 big baths going on tonight, as well as the sheets and clothes and everything.

There is still a giant polar bear left that has not had a bath yet. I am really hoping he doesn't get one tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monstersaurus Rex

When Eli was 3 months old, he had a shirt called Mommy's little Monster. Since that time he has developed the nickname, Eli Monster. Sometimes he lives up to the name, and sometimes he is an angel. When he has his ear infections, he is a little bit of a monster. After our recent bout with Ear infections, where he cried from 9-12 and then from 3-5 if not being held, (yes this is in the night time), Joe went and made him a shirt naming him Monstersaurus Rex. We still love our little Monster though!!.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Luke's 4th Birthday

Tomorrow is Luke's birthday, but if you ask him, his birthday was today! We had a full house with Mimi, Grandma and Grandpa Meier, Daly, and our neighbors Jack and Sylvia, plus Erin from PNG on the computer.

Luke is really into airplanes and he wanted a stealth bomber cake.
I did the best I could, as you can see below.

Everyone had a good time. Luke enjoyed all his presents including his "air con crafterier " which translates to air craft carrier, and the airplanes. Plus his cool bike from Mimi, and the helmet and wonderfully loud horn for the bike from Aunt Erin. He also had a good time with the transformer tank that battled his planes, and his hockey set!!

Happy Birthday Luke, We love you!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Children's Museum

It is Luke's birthday weekend. Mary came into town and we all headed down to Pittsburgh to the Children's Museum.

The boys enjoyed making paper out of cotton, painting, and playing in the water the most!

They also found a plane and enjoyed putting cars down the ramp. We had a good day.

What you say, What they hear

This weekend, I was taking a meal to a friend who just had surgery. Joe was outside playing with Luke and Graham, so I took Eli with me. As I was getting ready Luke asked where I was going. I said I was going to "run an errand".

Well I come home an hour later and he asked "where is aunt erin?"
I said she is in papua new guinea. He said, but you said you were going to "run aunt erin", so he assumed I was going to see Aunt Erin. Unfortunately that did not happen and he was very disappointed that Aunt Erin wasn't coming home or to his birthday party!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why not to the local outdoor show

Joe saw a sign at the grocery store for an outdoor show the next county over, like 20 minutes away on Friday night. We figured it would be something to do to get the boys out of the house. There was to be food and games (always a draw for Luke). What I am going to tell you is why not to go to the local outdoor show on Friday night, if you have 3 children under the age of 4.

1) there are 2 of you and 3 of them
2) we forgot the stroller at the house
3) everyone else is looking for something to do on Friday night = 800 people
4) no parking, you have to get dropped off and park across the street in the fair grounds, plus it is 20 degrees
5) since we got dropped off, forgot 8 month's pacey in the car seat
6) since there are 3 boys, ignored the program and just winged it and spent a good bit of time in the gym, when there was so much else to do in the whole school, classrooms were set up with lectures, and different displays, etc
7) when walking by the classrooms with the displays, since we didn't read the program, Luke just walks in on a lecture about deer age as he sees a bunch of antlers, and we can't get him out
8) your kids might have gotten used to Mickey Mouse at Disney, however they do not know Smokey the Bear and are very afraid of him (all ages)
9) no place to put your coats, and with it being 20 degrees you had your coat on, so are overheated
10) 800 people walking the hallways of a high school with displays and tables set up in the hallway, so no room to walk
11) since everyone is wearing Camo, it is hard to see people and you run into them quite easily
12) if you are not wearing Camo, you feel really out of place, even the girls with the pink camo
13) since the program is shoved at the bottom of the bookbag, we don't want to take the time to dig it out to see what lectures and stuff is going on, so we walk by everything
14) 8 month old starts to get upset he doesn't have his pacey, and only the monkey cymbals or mommy's phone will keep him happy

Reasons to go to your local outdoor show
1) your child with get a ticket just for trying to play corn hole, or shoot a bow and arrow and you will come home with nifty prizes (2 plastic cows one good cowboy and one bad cowboy, plus a monkey that has cymbals attached to a tube of bubble gum, and a green bird that says Happiness (yes the last 2 picked by Luke)
2) there is a lot of stuff to see and look at, if you don't have 3 kids with you
3) cool raffles, and lectures about different hunting things, also cool things to buy

So all in all, it was a bust, but next year maybe just one of us will go and take Luke. If anyone wants to come next year, we will let you know when it is, so you can make your plans!! I will volunteer to stay home with the other 2!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bathroom Project


Well a few months ago we noticed some mildew behind the shower head in our shower. It turns out that the nozzle got some debris in it and was spraying a little backwards. We got the problem fixed, but wanted to put some tile behind it to make sure if it started to spray backwards again, we were protected. The other day I went to Home Depot and brought home like 12 different tile samples. After much debate, Joe picked the most expensive tile I brought home (way to go). So I returned the unwanted tiles and we got enough of the tile pattern we did want. The plan was to do at least the one wall of the shower, but maybe the whole shower area. We also discussed about doing around our bathtub, as it is separate from the shower.


So this weekend I set out on the tile project. I found this stuff called tiling made simple. Where it is like glue squares that you put on the wall, so you don't have to set the adhesive and let it and the tile sit for awhile before you can grout and stuff. So I did that last night and then laid the tile. As you can see we chose small tiles, so it was painful trying to get each little square in it's right place and all lined up.


Ok if you believe that last line, you are silly. They make these 12 x 12 sheets now a days with all the little tiles placed on mesh and you just set it on the wall where you want it. I did have to cut it for the shower head and then for around the tub, but it was super easy!!!! Also with this you could grout as soon as you put the tile in place!!


Then today was the grout. Again I went with the super easy, premixed grout. I was shocked at how much grout you used, but went to the local hardware store and found just what I needed to finish the job. So the job ended right around 5, which was perfect as there was enough time to through the chicken Parm in the oven I had cooked earlier and we ate at 6!!!