Monday, April 26, 2010

Graham's 1st Birthday

Graham's first birthday is actually on Wednesday, but if no one tells him otherwise we already had his party!!! Mimi and Grandma and Grandpa Meier were in for the occasion. Besides making a cake and playing with the boys, there was partial swingset construction and meatball making. It was a busy Saturday, but Praise God the rain held off and we had a great time. Graham is a busy boy who loves his food, he is standing all the time but not walking yet. He says mama and dada a lot and looks at the doggies and says dada to them as well. He likes his brother as well and likes it when Luke laughs and gets down and crawls with him. It is hard to believe one year ago this little man was born, but it is true!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BABY'S ROOM-seeing spots

Well some may say I am taking the NESTING of pregnancy too seriously. I have never had the opportunity to do a babies room before. Luke was born in Texas and we were moving in 3 months, so didn't do a nursery. Graham was born in a rental house and we knew we were moving to this house and there was so much else to do making up a nursery didn't seem at the top of the list. So now baby number three comes along and after decorating Luke and Graham's room I decided to tackle the babies room. Since we don't know what we are having I went with a theme that i will add to. The walls are a yellow with brown polka dots, and then will add either pink or blue polka dots as well once the baby is born. The one picture shows different pink and blue shadow boxes to give an idea of what the colors will look like. I then found this cool fabric at JoAnn Fabrics with blue, brown and tan polka dots on white background or the same with pink polka dots. So I am in the process of making a bumper of each of these and then a little blanket for the baby of each and will use whatever one is needed. I did most of the blue blanket tonight but need to work on the edging. So I thought I would share with you.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


We we are finally done with the boys room. Well almost. We still need a mattress for the top bunk, but right now that isn't a big deal. The painting got done. We put up Graham's new crib and Aunt Erin bought him the space bumper set to go in the room. We put up the bunk beds and the railings. I colored the boys letters orange and Luke did the blue art work (he is available and is taking bids for his work!!!). So Luke and Graham are now roommates, the first night went well, we will see how tonight goes as Graham is already screaming a lot.
As for the babies room, it is getting a fresh coat of paint and we will show that to you when it is done!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Graham and the lion

Graham still isn't into crawling but scoots a lot. The other day joe was pushing him around on the lion and we got this family photo!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend

Happy Easter to you all from the NASH Family. This was us before church, with 2 happy kids, since after church we had 2 grumpy kids!! We hope you all enjoyed celebrating our Savior's death and resurrection!!

We spent the weekend in Bradford where we got to find eggs, even Graham joined in on the fun!

Luke played baseball and golf with his Dad and Grandpa!

We had some egg coloring and someone took the time to write with the special marker the names of all of our family, even baby ?

Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed coloring eggs with Luke and we were all glad that we decided to do this outside as the eggs, didn't always stay in one color and got moved around a lot due to the expert stirrer and the egg dye didn't always stay in the cups. But it was a blast for LUKE!!

Scenes from Opening Day, 2010 / Pirates v. Dodgers

Monday, April 5, 2010

Rainbow Paradise

When we discussed going back to Bradford for Easter, Joe was all excited to take the boys to Rainbow Paradise. A place in Coudersport (1 hr and 20 mins away with GPS, 55 mins away if you are a native) where it is private land and opened to fishing year round. You pay for your pole and the poundage of fish you catch (catch and keep only). It is a breeding ground for fish. We started out at Rainbow Run and you could just see the huge fish on the water. Luke was all excited!!! He caught 3 fish with Daddy and Grandma's help. He wasn't too excited about touching them. Graham hung out on the grass and ate some puffs and played with the fishing poles, until he snagged Joe's hat with the pole. Grandma even caught her own BABY TROUT in the big pond. Joe was here with his family 23 years ago and was excited to get back, and to get fishing before the season really starts. Luke and Grandma took a walk around the big pond and saw a few frogs and some ducks, and also pine cones which he threw into the water.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Luke and Joe have been taking swimming lessons the last few Friday nights. We thought it was a good way to burn off some energy and also to get Luke used to the water. He seems to like it and likes to play with the golf balls they give him to blow to try to get him to put his face in the water. He doesn't like to put his face in the water though. Graham and I went and checked it out, but didn't stay too long as it was very humid in the pool area.